Multi Cultural Identity: Media, Representation and Activism

SuChin Pak was born in South Korea and moved the the US when she was 5. Working in television since the age of 16, Pak speaks about growing up as an Asian American in the media, challenging identity, stereotypes and finding her own voice.

Pak produced and hosted a documentary series for MTV, following the lives of first generation American teens struggling to live and thrive in two different cultures. My Life Translated is a very personal look at how Pak and her multi cultural audience are redefining what it means to be American and how we define cultural identity.

Pak speaks openly, candidly and honestly about her experience both working and living the "American Dream."


8 min video clip


Politics: Youth Activism and Civic Participation

SuChin Pak has been working in television since she was 16, covering youth politics, youth issues and reporting on the stories that affect young people the most.

From the Choose or Lose campaign where Pak filed stories about youth voting practices, youth leadership and the presidential election, from both the Democratic National Convention, the Republican National Convention and the White House on election night, 2004.

Pak is also very active in MTV's Think campaign, reporting on stories about education and youth volunteerism. She is on the Advisory Board of New Voters Project and The White house Project.

Pak speaks about how young people are or are not interested in political participation, what keeps them disengaged, ways to use technology effectively and how to create a generation of civic minded young people.


5 min video clip